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War On All Fronts

Tired can be so understated. Even the word overwhelm. When you are an autism of two children, who also happen to be coloured, Muslim, victims of domestic abuse, then words just fail to describe how much damage control is needed. And how does one train themselves to do this effectively? Is there some training to … Continue reading War On All Fronts

A Joined Up Approach?

I am shear knackered at explaining down various phone calls that we need help. You hear of stories of runaways, suicide, domestic abuse, child abuse, sectioned, physical assault, and what not. Did you ever care to think how long the story has been going for? What made the escalation happen? Where were the authorities with … Continue reading A Joined Up Approach?

She’s a Suicide Bomber

07/08/2020 I have never had it that direct before. Usually it’s a comment loud enough for me to hear, but not for witnesses – “AllahuAkbar”. This time, I had witnesses. Not ones I would have chosen. The younger two kids were sat at in the car in sweltering heat, desperate for ice cream. I found … Continue reading She’s a Suicide Bomber

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