Introducing Myself and Why I Write

Hi, I am going to use an alias for a while. I will use the name Khadijah.

I have recently decided on my identity as being a Female Pakistani Scottish Muslim Autistic. I aim to break down each of those labels through my experiences and share what each brought to my life. I decided on the name The Diamond Perspective for many reasons. Firstly because of my humble beginnings, then because of the strength I have developed through the pressures of each chapter of life. Also, people see me differently in different light. I also see the world very differently. In the end, have we all not come from Mother Earth?

I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend, new business woman, a mathematician, educator, and community activist.

I have used writing as an outlet for my overwhelming emotions over the last year. The last time I journaled was when I was 14. More about that later. I find it very cathartic.

Why I am writing (as summarised by a good friend who translates my thoughts and intentions well):

* I am compelled to share my message with others so they know they aren’t alone and my trauma isn’t ‘wasted’

* The calling out of the situation I and others sisters find themselves in from a twisted interpretation of the holy text for a power trip.

* My hidden despair at keeping up appearances and feeling of disconnection because people effectively turn a blind eye and don’t want to know.