Self Worth

It’s weird how throughout our life we pass many people. It’s like a bus where passengers hop on and off but some stay longer and others don’t leave.

It also depends where the bus is going which determines which kind of passengers get on board. We are the driver but not always in control of who we attract.

This week I faced the question of how do I present myself as to not attract the wrong people. Why are my loved ones so cautious of who I gravitate to, or vice verse. What vibes am I sending out?

Available to take advantage of”

“Keen to please”

“Seeking self worth”

Imagining my marketing boards right now!

I need to become more aware of how I bring people to me by looking at what I do in my initial reactions. When I give myself value, then, and only then will others attach value and respect to me. Easy, right?

I wish! It’s about stepping back and reframing my mind. Stop seeking validation in end results but being happy with myself. I suppose I have always chased results as a way to prove myself to myself and my two closest relationships. It just didn’t happen so I went on doing more and more until burnout. I don’t know any other way of being other than being busy and achieving.

What if I allowed myself just to be content with me? Independant of benchmarks and standards, forgetting a lifetime of comparisons which I fell short of?

I have low self worth because I failed in other people’s standards, namely, my mother, husband, and recruiters. When it came to academics, each lecturer in four universities were amazed by my work, which I dismissed!

Time to take control of the bus, get the route map out for an adventure and only allow passengers on who want to guide, sing along, or learn with me.

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